Information That You Need To Obtain When Engaging In A Real Estate Transaction

Buying a home is an important factor in the lives of families now, not only by the financial outlay involved but because in most cases represents a long-term investment that will condition the family economy for a long time.

It is, therefore, essential to give effect to the acquisition with full guarantees for the buyer. To achieve this goal requires the buyer to report and properly advise before making a decision and signing any documents. It is very important that the below information shall be obtained before the day of real estate closing.

  • The name or company name of the seller, address and, where appropriate, data registration in the commercial register.
  • The general location of housing and housing plane itself, as well as description and drawing of electrical networks, water, gas and heating and guarantees thereof, and fire safety measures that count The building.
  • Description of the apartment with its useful surface expression, and general description of the building in which is located, the common areas and accessory services.
  • Reference to materials used in the construction of housing, including thermal and acoustic insulation, and building and common areas and additional services.
  • Instructions on the use and maintenance of facilities that require some kind of action or special knowledge and evacuation of the building in case of emergency.
  • Data registration of the property. real estate7
  • The total price  of housing and other services and payment, with a detailed expression of the following:
  1. The total cost of the sale, which means, including where applicable, agent fees and VAT if the sale is subject to this tax. Otherwise, the fees due for transfer tax and stamp duty will be indicated.
  2. Payment. In the case of anticipated delays the applicable interest rate and amounts have to be paid for principal and interest and expiration date of each other is indicated. For guarantees available to the buyer in the case of delivery of advances on the final price, you can read the article on the delivery of advance payments on home purchases and sales.
  3. Means of the deferred amounts eligible for payment.
  4. If the subrogation consumer is expected in any credit transaction not been arranged by him, with a mortgage on the house itself, it will indicate clearly the authorizing notary of the corresponding deed, the date thereof, data registration and mortgage liability corresponding to each household, with an expression of maturities and amounts.
  • Guarantees must be the buyer of the price for the adjournment.
  • A copy of the building license of the urban charter of the resulting compliance or countervailing operations, and the license of the first occupation of housing.
  • Statutes and rules of operation of the homeowners association, if any, as well as information services and supplies contracts the community.
  • Information on the payment of taxes of all kinds levied on the ownership or use of housing.
  • The form that is intended to document the contract with its general and special conditions shall be recorded in the event that housing or public areas or accessory elements are not fully built clearly the date of delivery and the phase in which the building is located.


Regardless of the general obligation of information mentioned above, it is essential that both the purchase of new housing and the second hand, the buyer has to be advised properly before purchasing on all legal and tax aspects related to the sale of housing.